Is TimeBucks Reputable or Just a Waste of Time?

No matter where you live, you can always find a method to generate money on Timebucks. It provides excellent opportunities where you can get paid in cash or cryptocurrencies if you chose your activities carefully.

You’ve undoubtedly heard about TimeBucks if you’re searching for free online opportunities to earn extra cash.However, is TimeBucks a genuine and effective way to earn extra cash, or is it just a time-wastering fraud?

I’ve been a member for a number of years and have thoroughly tested the platform.

Let me state up front that Timebucks is a real website. I have paid with it numerous times, so I can attest to its security and veracity as an actual source of income rather than a hoax. However, it doesn’t necessarily imply it’s the ideal pick for you.

In order to help you get the most of the website if you choose to sign up, I will share my experience using TimeBucks and provide you with some recommendations. This TimeBucks review will walk you through all the features and specifics of the service.

You will be able to determine after reading this evaluation if it is worthwhile for you to join or whether you would be better off visiting other websites.

What are TimeBucks? What kinds of services is this website offering?

On the rewards website TimeBucks, there are several ways to earn money. Another name for this website is a GPT (Get Paid) website.

Like many legitimate GPT websites, joining and using it is totally free.

Although Australian Clearing Pty Ltd is the owner, it is still accessible everywhere; we shall go into more depth about its accessibility later.

Although it has some special features that I haven’t seen on other sites, many of the offers it makes are comparable to those of other paid survey websites and online rewards portals. Depending on what you’re looking for, these can be excellent possibilities or just distractions.

It’s crucial to remember that TimeBucks is always evolving and adding new revenue streams. If they discover a strategy isn’t working properly, they occasionally also eliminate it. For instance, there was a mustache challenge when I first joined where you could get paid to take selfies.

These techniques have been replaced, although they did bring new revenue streams. Therefore, despite my best efforts to keep it updated, there might be more possibilities than those shown in the comments section above.

Surveys that are paid for:

Numerous paid surveys are available on TimeBucks. While logged in, you can do surveys from several different providers and get paid through your TimeBucks account.

The majority of surveys are sent via quote walls or survey routers. This has the benefit that most countries have a significant number of surveys available. The drawback is that finding surveys you qualify for can occasionally require some patience.

However, TimeBucks’ survey options are excellent.

If you decide to join, you should definitely check out this section as surveys are one of the finest ways to earn Timebucks. Many different surveys are available.

Even though it has surveys for the majority of countries, the precise number of surveys that are available will vary based on which country you live in. If you don’t have a lot of surveys available, you can still make money with TimeBucks in other ways.

view the video

In the Videos section of TimeBucks, there are multiple ways to get paid for watching videos.

Like the majority of other GPT sites, one of them requires you to watch three videos plus advertisements inside a topic. Additionally, they have independent short videos that you can watch for a set amount of time to earn money.

To locate these videos, navigate to the profits section’s “Content” tab, then select the “Ads” tab by scrolling down.

It is, in a sense, a simple way to earn extra cash. It’s not really an option that will boost your income because of the extremely little payouts, but if it’s a movie you want to watch, it’s still wonderful to make some money.

I also appreciate how straightforward the prerequisites and requirements are for any video on TimeBucks. This makes determining if it’s worth your attention right away simple.

You can watch YouTube videos and earn money in addition to these possibilities. To access this feature, select the “Participate” tab.

After that, a link to register for a third-party website where you can get paid to view odd YouTube videos would appear.

Compared to most other ways to get money viewing videos, you’ll get paid very generously for each movie you watch once it’s set up. Setting it up takes a few minutes, but there are excellent manuals out there that explain exactly how it works. compensation.

They give you up to $0.01 off each video you watch as of the time this review was updated, though this might change depending on the country and time of day.

Cheap wall

A section called the Offer Wall provides access to a wide variety of offerings. This could include, for instance, receiving payment to download an app, register on a website, test a product for free, etc.

Timebucks provides access to about 12 walls, with multiple discounts available on each wall.

There are several offers with substantial benefits. If you usually prefer to use one of these survey sites, you might also find these offers there as the majority of them are also available through PrizeRebel or ySense.

Options for content:

Timebucks’ content page provides numerous opportunities for earning money.

By watching a film or website for a predetermined amount of time and clicking on little advertisements, you can get money. It might resemble the TimeBucks Facebook page, for example.

Watching slideshows used to be another way to earn money. This option no longer exists, although in my opinion it’s not a major loss as the benefit was quite minor.

Additionally, the following opportunities for earning money are included in this section:

Clicks that indicate engagement (which you can get by installing software that plays movies automatically)

Earn money by clicking on advertisements that are delivered to your browser as push notifications.

Although I am a member, the other options listed below are also accessible, but they weren’t available when this Timebucks review was updated.

In the past, depending on your nation of residence, you might get paid for your internet searches. You may have earned as much as $0.01 each search. This isn’t the case yet, but as was previously said, the platform frequently experiments out various revenue-generating strategies, so perhaps it will return eventually.

You could once get paid to watch YouTube videos in a different portion of the website. This section no longer exists, however you can still make money by watching YouTube videos as they are now part of the ad click choices described above.

The best part about the content section is that you can always find a way to make money here, regardless of where you live in the world.

While there are some possibilities in this part that won’t pay you a lot of money, the activities are generally simple and quick to finish.

small-scale tasks

Assignments” is the section’s simple name on Timebucks.

Here, you can get compensated for a variety of activities, including installing apps, viewing YouTube videos, going to particular websites, and following users on social media, among others.

Most of these activities don’t require any of your time, but not all of them do.

Because not all Timebucks members fairly compensate for their time, other members have devised these assignments. So pick these assignments carefully.

You always have the choice of what you want to do, and you can check the specifications and make the payment before you begin. Making smart decisions can make this a simple method to supplement your income.

However, because it offers more tasks and better conditions than most other platforms that provide similar employment, Timebcuks is actually one of the greatest microtasking platforms in my opinion.

Earn cashback on your online purchases.

In my opinion, the availability of a cashback option on the GPT website is fantastic. This implies that if you shop online at some of the partner stores, you can receive cash back.

This was also an option with TimeBucks, which might be a terrific way to earn or save money if you shop online.

You can use this option if you have previously made purchases using Ali Express.

But unlike the best cash back websites, TimeBucks never offered as many possibilities. My hypothesis is that they stopped there and concentrated on providing other activities, which makes sense in my view.

I wanted to clarify that this is no longer an option on Timebucks as of the time I updated this review, but I still wanted to mention it because many people have asked me where to locate it.

Invite others to participate

You can earn commission by encouraging others to sign up for TimeBucks.

There are five tiers based on your previous pay. The referral program has been streamlined, though, and is now comparable to those on a lot of other GPT sites.

As of right now, you can make 10% of every Timebucks transaction made by someone who signs up using your invitation link.

Please be aware that until your referrer authenticates their identity, you will not be paid.

It’s also a good idea to start inviting friends to join if you sign up and find that you enjoy using it. Since TimeBucks pays the commission, they will receive the same amount whether they register through your link or not.


TimeBucks can be used for advertising. You may promote YouTube videos and more with this set of tools.

Thus, you can advertise your YouTube video here if you want to increase the number of views it receives. After deciding on the number of views you desire, you can pay for them by selecting which countries, age groups, etc. You will be paid for watching videos by other users.

Since it can be risky, this is not how I would personally advertise my videos. However, if you know what you’re doing and are mindful of the dangers, this might be a simple method to market your movies to a particular demographic.

daily competition

 The top 100 Timebucks players in terms of earnings each day win extra cash bonuses. Five dollars will go to the first place, and $0.10 will go to positions 51 through 100.

Prior to then, only the top 5 individuals received daily incentives; however, later on, the stakes were raised. That has now changed, and although they are rewarding fewer people, a much higher number of users are receiving prizes. That’s the situation as it stands for the time being; whether that’s a good or bad opportunity depends on your preferences.

Gaining enough money to reach the top is not difficult, so this may be a terrific strategy to acquire some really pleasant benefits.

How are you compensated?

As you can see, there are numerous ways to use TimeBucks to earn money. On the platform, you will receive payment in USD for each assignment that you finish. However, how do you spend or obtain money once you earn it?

At the moment, TimeBucks accepts Litecoin, PayPal, Payeer, AirTM, bank transfer (via Wise), Virtual Visa, and Skrill as payment options.

PayPal has been added back as a payment option after being inactive for some time. If you prefer to pay with cash, Timebucks now offers two more excellent options thanks to the addition of a virtual Visa card. It even allows for bank transfer payments (via Wise), which is highly unique for a GPT service.

In general, I believe Timebucks provides excellent payment choices.

$5 is a very low payment barrier, and you get paid as soon as you reach it. Unlike some other survey sites, where you have to wait until you’ve made more money, it’s good to be able to seek payment quite fast.

The price was just reduced from $10 to $5, which is a significant improvement in my view.

Your rewards will be automatically paid out after you hit your payout threshold. Timebucks processes these payouts once a week. Still, you have the option to stop payments until you specifically ask for the money to be removed if you’d rather hold off until you have more money.

It therefore offers a number of excellent and adaptable payment choices and terms.

They have paid me several times, and everything is good; this is unquestionably a reliable and secure website. You shouldn’t worry if you’ve been wondering if Timebucks is real or phony because, in my experience, being paid shouldn’t be a problem as long as you conduct yourself honestly.

What is your potential income?

Your income is determined by a multitude of things. Naturally, the first is the amount of time you plan to spend on TimeBucks and the number of possibilities you wish to seize. It also depends on your geographical location.

There will be more polls and wall quotes in some nations than in others. However, there are plenty of ways to earn additional money that don’t require you to be in a certain place, so everyone can do it.

Nonetheless, if you reside in a nation where offers and surveys are frequently posted on the offer wall, earning money will be simpler for you. You can ask people to join you wherever you reside, and that might be a terrific way to earn extra money.

But please be aware that you shouldn’t expect to make a life from this, just like you shouldn’t from any other survey or GPT site. You can earn some additional cash, but you won’t be wealthy if that’s your goal.

Who is eligible to participate?

You are able to sign up for TimeBucks from anywhere in the world. The opportunities that are accessible differ based on your country of origin.

However, in contrast to other sites, it offers a tonne of options, even if you reside in a nation where survey opportunities are few.

What you can watch, Instagram, invitees, tasks, drawings, and watchable videos will be accessible in the majority of nations. In most nations, you may even discover surveys and offers; however, in some, you may need to be a little patient.

Are you able to receive assistance?

Indeed, assistance is accessible if you require it. If you need assistance, TimeBucks can respond to you promptly and offers support.

Since I personally tested it, I can attest to the support team’s friendliness and responsiveness, which are crucial qualities for any platform or service.

ultimate decision

TimeBucks is a genuine GPT website with numerous ways to earn money; it is absolutely not a scam.

But let’s wrap up our review by highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of TimeBucks so you can make an informed decision before determining if it’s worth it for you.

advantage: a range of chances

Almost any nation can sign up and receive opportunities.

A few extras that other websites don’t offer

Very easy to use

Make cash payments.

Several options for payment methods

drawback: The returns on some chances are lower

All in all, I think TimeBucks is a great website; it’s definitely legitimate. It’s excellent that it gives possibilities to countries that typically struggle to receive many opportunities on survey sites, and I think it offers some intriguing and unique options as well.

Some of them do, however, offer rather modest profits. In any case, we spend a lot of time on the internet, and it would be good to get compensated somewhat for that time.

Therefore, your expectations and level of interest in the TimeBucks chances will determine whether or not it’s worth joining.

How can one register?

You register on TimeBuck’s website by clicking through. It takes a few seconds to register.

Simply enter your email address and password, and a request for confirmation will be sent to you over email. Using your Facebook account to register is another option available to you.



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