Reviews of DailyRewards: Reputable or Fraud?

There are several methods to make extra money with DailyRewards. The larger payout is a drawback, but you do receive a $5 welcome bonus, which is a nice place to start.

One premium (GPT) service that offers to pay you for doing quick online chores is called DailyRewards.

But is DailyRewards a genuine company or a fraud?

If joining is something you are thinking about doing, this is a crucial question.

Allow me to respond immediately. In fact, DailyRewards is an authorized GPT website. It performs as promised.

But that doesn’t make joining worthwhile. You must determine whether joining is truly worth your time.

What does DailyRewards provide and what is it?

  A GPT website called DailyRewards pays you when you finish the tasks it presents.

It is owned by the same business as InboxDollars, a well-known GPT website.

The website for DailyRewards resembles InboxDollars quite a bit. It’s evident that the same person designed their website.

Nevertheless, you must comprehend how to make money on DailyRewards in order to comprehend the benefits of signing up as a member.


First Choice: Cash Offer

On the GPT website, cash offers are constantly available to you.

You may see all of the available cash incentives by logging into your membership dashboard after finishing the signup procedure.

To redeem the incentives for every deal, simply follow the directions.

Usually, it will request that you try a product or service, view a video, register for a website, fill out a survey, or do anything else the offer requests of you.

The incentives you get from each offer usually vary depending on what kind of activity you have to complete.

The Daily Bonus Survey is Option 2.’s survey part functions just as one might anticipate from a standard survey website.

You may peruse the Surveys part of their dashboard and see every survey that they have accessible when you check in.

The sole distinction is that DailyRewards serves as a survey router in addition, allowing you to respond to surveys from other websites via this dashboard.

As a result, you can carry on taking part in surveys provided by other websites once you finish all of the DailyRewards questionnaires.

You should be aware that you won’t be taken straight to the survey when you click on an offer to complete a paid survey. You have to respond to a few pre-qualification questions first.

Cash Game, Option 3

Playing video games is another way to earn money.

You should be aware that these cash gaming offers need you to deposit money into your WorldWinner/GSN account in order to earn money, which is why they are called cash back.

The money you put will be used to improve your WorldWinner account. In order to compete with other players of a similar skill level and win money and prizes, you must level up.

The money you win when you play cash games will be added to your DailyRewards balance.

This is a hazardous yet difficult technique to generate money, in my opinion, because you have to invest your own money before you can start earning cash rewards.

Option 4: Program for Referrals

You can also get paid by recommending friends to DailyRewards.

You can receive 10% of the money you earn from referrals with this form of passive income.

Three persons can be referred at once. Sending the invitation only requires supplying your name and email address.

Banners can also be used to suggest individuals. To utilize a banner, all you need to do is go to their Recommended Banners page, grab the code, and paste it into the HTML of your website (if you have one).

You will receive referral credit for everyone who signs up for DailyRewards by clicking on this banner.

Although DailyRewards doesn’t have a very high referral ratio, if you know a lot of people that you can invite, you can still make some great extra money from it.

How are you compensated?

If it’s not obvious already, as a DailyRewards member, you can make real money by promoting offers. The benefits you receive from the deal will be in USD, as you can see from the above photo.

Unlike several other GPT websites, DailyRewards does not employ a points system. They will give you money right away as a reward.

The good news is that you may instantly earn your $5 joining bonus by simply completing the sign-up process, which can be done by confirming your email address.

Because this is the only way you may collect your earnings after joining DailyRewards, you must make sure you have an active PayPal account.

You should be aware that processing payments takes 10 to 16 days. Thus, it will take some wait to get the money.

What is your potential income?

How active you are on the site determines the response to this question. This is the true appearance of GPT sites.

You will make more money the more offers you complete. Thus, you need to accept more offers if you want to increase your income.

The best part of DailyRewards is that there’s always something to do, which helps you get closer to the $30 mark each day. Simply finish your daily to-do list to receive a tiny incentive.

To whom is DailyRewards open?

The GPT website DailyRewards is based in Canada and is exclusively accessible to citizens of that country.

To register, you must also be at least eighteen years old. They’ll make note of this in the terms and conditions before you even know it.

“It is not permitted to use VPNs, proxies, or private (blocked) IPs to access DailyRewards in order to conceal or obscure the location or nationality of a computer or device.”

You will not be allowed to withdraw your earnings and your membership will be terminated if they discover that you are doing this, which they will.

It’s quite easy to register with them. To complete the process, simply fill out the form shown above. You’re done; all you have to do is check your email and click the confirmation link in the email they send.

You’ll also receive a $5 bonus for simply validating your email address. They actually have one of the simplest sign-up procedures, which is pretty decent in my opinion.


ultimate decision

A reputable GPT service, DailyRewards lets you make some extra cash by completing their offers. It does have advantages and disadvantages like most websites.

So let’s weigh the benefits and drawbacks to assist you in determining whether membership is the correct choice for you.


will give you actual money

PayPal is a method of payment.

There are lots of ways to earn money, but there are limitations.

The required payment amount is quite expensive.

There is just one prize (cash).

As you can see, there are some disadvantages to DailyRewards. You cannot become a member if you do not reside in Canada. But this can be an excellent website to earn some money if you meet the requirements.

How can I sign up for daily rewards?

It’s simple to sign up with DailyRewards. Navigate to the registration page by clicking on it. It takes a minute or so.

After that, you’ll receive your $5 joining bonus right away once you validate your email.

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