Is This Harris Online Survey Reputable?

If you are in the US or Canada, Harris Poll Online is a reliable survey website that you should take into consideration as an extra resource. It should not be your only website, though, as it offers little possibilities.

A long-running survey company called Harris Poll Online says you can get freebies from the companies you love.

However, is the Harris Online Poll reputable or a time-wasting fraud?

So that we can address this, let me state up front that this is a real investigative team. However, that does not imply that it is the best survey site for you.

What does the Harris Online Poll provide, and what is it?

Among the various options available to you in the realm of paid survey sites is Harris Poll Online.

It is a component of Nielsen Research, one of the most respected businesses in the market research sector, and has been operating for more than 45 years.

You can be sure that a survey site will be legitimate, safe, and able to cover its expenses when Nielsen endorses it. Naturally, that does not imply that it is always worthwhile, and this evaluation will assist you in determining that.


Option 1: Harris Poll Online Survey:

The primary revenue stream for Harris polls online is paid surveys. It’s not the most opportunity-rich website, and you shouldn’t count on getting surveys all the time.

However, you can still routinely take advantage of their paid survey opportunities. An email invitation will be sent to you as soon as the survey is live. You may not always be able to take part in the surveys that are presented, just as on any other survey website.

You will be given the option to do another survey (if any are available at that time) if you are not eligible.

Option 2: Quarterly Draw:

All participating members are automatically included into the four $10,000 giveaways that The Harris Poll sponsors each year.

For completing every survey, you will receive entries into a sweepstakes. This holds true whether you were rejected or just didn’t finish the survey.

Although there are very few odds of winning, it’s still a wonderful added possibility, and if you’re lucky, it can improve your revenue.

Option 3-Other methods of earning

The Harris Poll Online mostly fulfills the two purposes I previously indicated.

However, occasionally it also provides additional opportunities to take part in research and get paid (if you’re a member).

You might occasionally get an invitation to take part in phone or in-person interviews, direct mail surveys or research projects, or focus groups (in chat rooms, online, or on bulletin boards).

How are you compensated?

Of course, the payment structure and available awards are crucial components of any survey website.

HIpoints are a reward that you can receive for completing surveys on Harris Poll Online. I’ll just refer to them as points to prevent confusion, even though I’m not entirely sure where the name originated.

Certain Harris Poll awards can be obtained by exchanging these points.

The fact that Harris Poll Online does not pay in cash and that you cannot exchange your points for cash incentives is, in my opinion, the largest disadvantage.

Should you be ineligible to take part in the survey, the consolation reward of 15 points will be worth 12 cents. Thus, you won’t get paid to complete surveys for which you are ineligible. Even said, I appreciate that they even give you a reward for doing so, since not many survey sites do.

Just keep in mind that all of your HIpoints will expire if you are inactive for a full year. This implies that in order to remain a member, you must finish at least one survey or take part in at least one other research project annually.

You will forfeit the earnings that are currently in your account.

What is your potential income?

You now understand how to get paid and how to earn money on Harris Polls Online. However, what is the average earning potential on this platform?

Generally speaking, you ought to get no more than three to five surveys each month. That’s not a lot in comparison to some other survey sites.

Thus, it is not possible to profit greatly from the Harris Poll. But occasionally, you can receive more offers that could boost your revenue, and if you’re fortunate enough to win a draw, you’ll get an excellent bonus.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that participating in surveys won’t make you wealthy or provide a steady source of money, regardless of how many or which survey sites you sign up for.

It might be a terrific way to make additional money because it’s simple to engage, you can voice your opinions on significant issues, and you can do it whenever and wherever you like. All you need to do is enter with appropriate expectations.

Who may sign up for the online Harris Poll?

There are prerequisites for The Harris Poll Online in order to become a member. You have to be 13 years of age or older first.

Only the US and Canada have access to the platform.

As previously noted, even if you reside in the US or Canada, it might be a good idea to sign up for additional survey sites in addition to the Harris Poll Online in order to improve your chances of earning money.

It can be somewhat confusing to discover that you can’t always join them on their website because they don’t always accept new members.

Final Opinion: Is It Real or a Scam?

So, is the Harris Poll authentic or a fraud? It is entirely lawful to do this. That’s another question entirely—if it’s worth your time.

To help you decide if this is a website you want to use, let’s summarize the benefits and drawbacks before we wrap up our review.

Advantage: Simple, cost-free, and secure registration

Numerous gift cards and other incentives

Drawback: no monetary settlement

inadequate choices for support

Few quotes from surveys

Joining could be challenging.

It’s worth doing the Harris online survey. It is up to personal preference.

It may take some time to make genuine money here because it doesn’t have as many options for earning money as some of the best paid survey sites. You shouldn’t join it as your only site.

However, it’s still worthwhile to join as an extra site because it has a ton of different benefits, most of which you’ll be able to take advantage of.


If you do want to sign up, be sure to sign up for additional sites as well in order to obtain adequate opportunities for earning money. As you can see, your options will be somewhat limited if you use the Harris Poll exclusively.

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