LifePoints Panel Evaluation and Score

LifePoints Panel offers a vast collection of surveys in more than 45 countries and is user-friendly. You may be paid with gift cards or cash.

You may be familiar with LifePoints Panel if you’re looking to earn additional cash by participating in paid surveys.
But is LifePoint a scam, or is it legitimate and worth your time?
Over a number of years, I thoroughly examined it on my own and in comparison to hundreds of other survey sites.
Let me tell you right now that it has potential and that joining can really earn you money, but there are also some unknowns that you should take into account.
You’ll get all the information and an inside look in this LifePoints group review so you know precisely what to anticipate before you join.

The LifePoints Panel: What is it? What kinds of services is this website offering?

Although the LifePoints panel has been present for a while, its name wasn’t always attached to it.
It is supported by Lightspeed, an established company that has been conducting market research since 1946, which is usually a good thing.
Millions of people from all over the world are members of it.

In reality, the LifePoints Panel is a combination of GlobalTestMarket and MySurvey. Early in 2019, they amalgamated to form LifePoints.
I’ll discuss the benefits of being a member of the site below, along with some of its cons, so you can make an informed decision before signing up.

First Choice: LifePoints Survey
After logging in, the LifePoints survey panel is rather straightforward.
I’m not arguing that this is a poor strategy. Simple panels can be very helpful at times because they are straightforward to use and have few distractions.
The LifePoints Panel is in the same boat.

It takes only a minute or so to complete the few questions that need to be answered after you have signed up and verified your email. After that, you may access the dashboard and members area.
There might not be any surveys accessible when you initially sign up. It’s nothing to worry about. Email invites to complete surveys will soon be sent to you.
I started getting email invitations about a day after I joined. After that, when you check in, you’ll see the surveys that are available.

To view the available surveys, you do not, however, need to log into LifePoints. To access the survey, simply wait for the email and click the link.
The benefits you will earn are always visible in the email before you begin.
In my opinion, compared to other survey websites, the return on time invested is fairly good.
In addition, the percentage of surveys I was accepted for was rather high, even though you might not be eligible for every one you’re invited to.
My research projects are extremely pertinent and address current social and political issues.

This adds intrigue to them, and one benefit that sponsored surveys sometimes fail to mention is that you get to hear real perspectives on significant subjects.
It’s important to keep in mind that certain surveys have a cap on the number of participants, so it’s better to react as soon as you receive an offer to participate in order to increase your chances of qualifying.
The LifePoints Panel is really user-friendly overall, and from what I’ve seen, you get a pretty astounding amount of survey invitations.
Since this is the sole way to earn LifePoints, the precise quantity will obviously vary depending on the region in which you live. However, it’s a good idea to join other sites in order to have adequate options.

Participating in LifePoints surveys is absolutely worthwhile, but keep in mind that the selection might not be available every day.

Option 2: Click the community/free contest tab.
Taking LifePoints surveys is unquestionably the primary way to earn money, but there are occasionally additional opportunities available through the group.
As a member, you may occasionally participate free contests.
While logging in is not required to participate, the members area’s Community tab provides a summary of the competitions that are currently underway.

But usually they merely direct you to the LifePoints Facebook page, where you have to follow certain instructions to get involved.
It might involve conversing with friends or responding to inquiries.
Nevertheless, interacting with them is typically simple.
According to my observations, these tournaments are happening more frequently than they used to, frequently once a week. Typically, rewards are $10 in value.
Just keep in mind that there are usually over 1,000 individuals that leave messages to enter, so your odds of winning are rather tiny. This is a completely random sweepstakes. However, since it’s a quick task, it could be good to take advantage of this extra opportunity.

Option 3: Sign Up for Bonus
Additionally, there’s a chance to accrue some LifePoints points.
You’ll get a little welcome bonus after signing up.
Points are awarded for both joining up and sending a confirmation email:10 points for each.
It’s not a big benefit—the entire joining incentive is only about $0.30—but it’s good to at least start earning points right away.
However, depending on your country, you may also be able to increase your point total by completing a few more profile surveys, so it’s something to watch out for.

How are you compensated?
Points are awarded for each LifePoints survey completed.
There are several methods by which you can obtain these points. You can use PayPal to make a charitable donation, cash, or gift cards to make payments across the store.

Depending on where you live, different incentives may be available. In my opinion, it’s fantastic that you can choose to receive gift cards or cash payments via PayPal, based on your personal preferences.
The exact value of your points can be a little unclear, though, as it varies depending on the prizes you select.
You will need 1,150 points to receive $15 via PayPal, but 1,100 points are required to receive an IKEA gift card for the same amount.

It is therefore a little challenging to determine the precise value of your points. However, an approximate mean value of 10 points is around $0.15.
The payment thresholds differ based on where you live. Prices range from $5 to about $10 depending on the country.
Please be aware that your local currency will be used to compute your profits.
The pay threshold isn’t too high overall, although initially the points system can be a little unclear.

What is your potential income?
How much money can be made on most survey sites is the main concern that most people have regarding them.
When it comes to LifePoints Panel, this is undoubtedly a means to earn extra money.
Although there are a ton of surveys on there, you won’t make any more money from it.
That is to say, if you want many of opportunities to earn money, you should absolutely join some of the top paid survey sites in addition to LifePoints.
However, in my opinion, LifePoints might be a terrific extra addition and a great additional survey site because it is so straightforward and quick to use.

Is it compatible with smartphones?

Yes, you can use your mobile device to access LifePoints Panel and complete surveys.
This makes using it convenient when on the road, and it’s always a plus when survey websites include this feature.
Both Android and iOS smartphones can download the LifePoints app.
However, you can also use the website on a mobile device because it is properly suited for them.
The ability to check your email to see whether you have received a survey invitation and click on the invitation link in the email is crucial for participating on a mobile device.

A LifePoints group is open to anybody.

LifePoints is accessible in about 45 countries as of this writing. The minimum age to join is 16.
The nations that are available are:
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China,Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam etc.
It is accessible in the majority of the world, as you can see. Its panel frequently expands to new nations and has done so ever since I started using it.

Are you able to receive assistance?

As a member of a survey site, it’s helpful to know that help is available if you need it.
LifePoints Panel has advanced in this particular area. I noticed from other LifePoints reviews that there was occasionally difficulties when it originally began.

The majority of grievances I encounter concern difficulties integrating MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket into LifePoints Panel as well as annoyance at not receiving appropriate assistance.
Some problems emerge organically from the merging of numerous sites, and membership problems can also occur. Most individuals, I believe, can identify with this.
But that was a few years ago, and it appears like they’ve made progress since then. These days, I seldom ever see complaints like this.

In fact, I spoke with support directly. To be honest, I received a response really quickly, but it felt more like a canned response and didn’t really address my question. Thankfully, this isn’t a technical problem, so I can keep utilizing the platform.
However, service appears to have greatly improved since it was first introduced, so if you join and need assistance, don’t be discouraged if it still takes some time to obtain responses.

ultimate decision
LifePoints Panel is a reputable platform for surveys, supported by a well-established firm. I’ve received payment for it multiple times.
That doesn’t imply, however, that this is the website for you. There are advantages and disadvantages to it, so let’s review the advantages so you can make a more informed decision before enrolling.

Joining is free.
Simple to employ
a reliable payment option
Reasonable time-related incentives

Sometimes, support is sluggish.
All in all, I believe LifePoints Panel to be a fantastic extra survey platform.
It features excellent payment choices, respectable rewards, and is quite simple to use, in my experience.
It wouldn’t give you enough surveys, so I don’t think you should make it the only website. However, it can be a simple method to access surveys if that’s one of the websites you select.

Which LifePoints group should I join?

It’s simple to sign up for the LifePoints Panel. Simply visit the website, choose your nation, and a brief registration form will appear.
Remind yourself that in order to access the survey, you must verify your email. Bonus points are awarded for signing up and verifying your email address.


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