Rewards1 Comment: Is This Real or Bullshit?

Though it ought to be, Rewards1 is not a very well-known GPT website. It has several possibilities, allows you to join from any country, and offers incredibly flexible rewards if you figure out how to use it. claims that it can assist you in generating income from your free time.


So is Rewards1 a fraud or a genuine online income opportunity?

I made the decision to investigate further and signed up to give the website a thorough evaluation. I’ve been a member for some time and have received payments from it on multiple occasions.

You can genuinely make money on it, which indicates that it’s a reputable platform, but it doesn’t always imply it will be the best use of your time. What is it? What kinds of services is this website offering?

  Compared to many other comparable websites, it is not as well-known. Actually, I only learned about it when I was asked to look into it by a user of I made the decision to investigate it. Let me state up front that I believe it has potential and deserves more attention than what is being given online.

This website is pay-to-pay (GPT) and gives you several opportunities to earn money. Since the website wasn’t as intuitive to use as other websites, I have to admit that when I first signed in, I was a bit perplexed.

Fortunately, finding your own path doesn’t take too long. With this review, I aim to simplify the process for you by explaining the features and how to use the website so you can decide whether it’s right for you.

First Choice: Paid Survey

The most profitable way to get money on Rewards1 is through paid surveys.

You can choose from a variety of survey routers on the site, each of which offers a substantial quantity of paid surveys.

These survey routers are widely utilized on other GPT sites and are unquestionably authentic.

Survey routers operate by sending you to a new website to finish the survey; if you are not eligible for the first survey, they will often search for a new one.

This means that while there are typically a lot of surveys accessible, it may occasionally take some perseverance to discover one that you are eligible for.

You will receive the prize in your Rewards1 account after finishing the survey.

Reward points for time spent on Rewards1 are comparable to those on some of the highest paying websites, such as PrizeRebel and Swagbucks.

As a result, it offers a multitude of chances for research.

Option 2: Paid Offer Wall

There are several paid offer walls on Rewards1. Offers from its partners are contained in these areas.

It could be downloading a game, registering for a contest, or signing up for a free trial. These sections are also frequently where you can locate additional paid surveys.

Rewards1 has a sizable number of partners and offer walls. Although it doesn’t give as much as websites like ySense, it nevertheless offers excellent payouts and a variety of revenue streams.

This can be a terrific method to boost your income if you take the time to locate outstanding discounts. This kind of paid offer requires you to always read the terms and conditions of the deal.

While some have excellent wages and working conditions, some don’t. Thus, be sure to comprehend the nature of the offer and the steps required to redeem the benefits.

Third option: view the video

On Rewards1, you can watch a variety of videos on various subjects and receive rewards.

Since there isn’t a video component, it could be difficult to find at first. You must click on Offers under the Earn tab in the main menu in order to locate this option.

Making money with these movies is simple and doesn’t take any work on your part. However, there are very little payouts for these kinds of movies on any GPT site.

I always say that may be enjoyable because of this, so why not make a little money while watching videos and amusing yourself? But, there are unquestionably more efficient techniques on Rewards1 if all you want to do is make money.

Choice 4: Every Day Survey

On Rewards1, you can see daily polls every day. This is a really brief inquiry.

While the reward isn’t very large—1 point is worth $0.01 USD—answering the question only takes a few seconds to complete.

Why not log in quickly if you’re already logged in? You can view the proportion of other respondents once you’ve responded.

Although it’s not a means to generate a lot of money, this is an enjoyable side gig.

Option 5: Everyday Tasks

The purpose of dailies is to sustain your motivation in the direction of rewards1. By achieving a specific revenue threshold on a given day, you can receive additional benefits here.

The task consists of multiple stages, each with increased rewards.

Once more, the incentives aren’t very large, so you won’t get very far with this, but if you’re already active, it’s nice to have a little extra incentive.

Option 6: Engage in a game

Rewards1 offers a variety of games for you to enjoy. A fair amount of money can be earned from some of them if you’re fortunate or skilled.

You can risk a specific amount or play certain games for free.

But, you must bet some money in order to play the game and have any chance of winning anything.

So avoid using it as a means of making money unless you’re very fortunate or skilled at the game. But, you have the chance to receive some additional benefits if you enjoy betting or gambling.

Option 7: Ask your buddies to come along

Additionally, you can earn by referring friends to Rewards1.

If a buddy joins through your invitation, you will receive a commission each time they earn money. Your friend will continue to earn the same and will not have this taken away from them.

Rewards1 will pay this fee as a token of appreciation for spreading the word about the platform. This can be an excellent opportunity to earn a little additional money if you know someone who would be interested in joining.

Rewards1 modified the commission structure such that you now only receive 20% instead of the previous 40%. Although I think it’s regrettable that they made this adjustment without informing current members, this committee is still generally good.

Making such significant changes without warning, in my opinion, is not a good idea. There will undoubtedly be bad effects. Additionally, I worry that they might make other significant changes without informing us members.

Option 8: Give It Away

Every week, Rewards1 holds a free contest. You will participate automatically as you are a current member.

Rankings of the highest paid Americans and foreigners can be found on the site (more on who can join later).

A portion of each week’s profits will be awarded as incentives to the top 20 earners on each leaderboard at the conclusion of the week.

There will be a bonus ratio of 2%–10%. Thus, if you’re involved, this is a pleasant perk.

Choice 9: Coupon Code with Bonus Credits

One option is to search for Rewards1 promo codes in order to obtain some bonus points.

Rewards1 has promotional codes available on its Facebook and Twitter accounts. Enter this code into the website’s form after logging in.

Given the limited prizes and infrequent code releases, this is hardly a lucrative endeavor. A little free credit is always a wonderful thing, though, because it’s also quite simple to accomplish.

Option 10: Forum and Chat

You can ask questions and receive assistance by chatting with other members in Rewards1.

Additionally, there is a very active forum where a wealth of information is available and where the staff notifies users of any platform improvements and changes.

Although there is some activity in the conversation, you shouldn’t necessarily anticipate a prompt response. Since there is so much information available in forums, that is how I personally like to search for it.

However, you can also use the chat feature, albeit there might not always be a response.

Level 1 Member Reward

Rewards1 offers seven distinct membership tiers. I want to quickly go over these membership tiers because it’s crucial to knowing the Rewards1 possibilities available to you.

You can use all of these for free, and completing certain tasks will advance you to the next level.

Every level has advantages of its own.

You must recommend a minimum number of people or reach a minimum earning threshold in order to go on to the next level. Both are not necessary.

In addition, in order to go on to the next level, you must request a specific number of gifts.

Membership tiers, in my opinion, are a fantastic way to recognize and encourage more engaged, longer-term members.

How are you compensated?

You now understand how to use Rewards1 to earn money and the pros and cons of each option. The benefits that a GPT site offers are also crucially significant.

Points can be accumulated on Rewards1. It’s easy to figure out how much you make because 1 point is equal to $0.01, which is excellent.

Numerous awards are available to you in several categories.

In addition to receiving game codes and Amazon gift cards, you may pick from a number of gift cards and pay using PayPal.

It usually doesn’t take long to apply for incentives once you’ve earned $5. On the other hand, you can claim a prize for game codes after you reach 125 points ($1.25).

What is your potential income?

It’s challenging to estimate just how much you could make using Rewards1.

How much work you’re willing to put in will determine a lot. Without a doubt, this is a fantastic way to earn extra cash.

But I see people searching for Rewards1 cheats so they can generate large sums of money automatically. I just want to be clear that there isn’t a hack like that.

Any automated tools or hacks that go against the policies and agreements of any GPT website will be blocked as much as possible.

On this website, you can absolutely generate money and make some wonderful extra cash. However, you must put in the effort; trying to cheat will probably result in the banning of your account.

All things considered, it’s critical to understand that GPT websites like as Rewards1 are not intended to generate a steady income or make you wealthy. It’s intended to offer you an opportunity to make some additional money.

It’s totally feasible if you approach it with the appropriate expectations.

Who is eligible to sign up for Rewards1?

The fact that anyone may sign up with Rewards1 regardless of where they live is one of its many wonderful features. To register, all you have to do is be 13 years old or older.

However, the quantity of surveys and offers you can choose from will differ according on where you live. I believe here is where you will have the greatest prospects because it has a distinct rating for the top earners in America.

It’s a genuinely global platform, though, as you may find numerous opportunities to earn money in numerous other nations.

Are you able to receive assistance?

You can obtain assistance on Rewards1 in a few different ways. You can ask other users for assistance by utilizing the chat tool.

However, the forums are another great place to look up information and get solutions to frequently asked problems.

Lastly, if you have any questions, you can ask them by submitting a support ticket as a member and receiving a response. I’ve personally filed a number of support tickets for problems, and occasionally I receive a response quite fast, other times it comes back very slowly or not at all.

As a result, in my experience, it’s difficult to rely entirely on this help.

ultimate decision

In general, Rewards1 is a trustworthy website with authentic revenue opportunities. That does not, however, imply that it will be the best decision for you.

So, let’s wrap up our analysis by highlighting the advantages and disadvantages to assist you make a decision.



Joining is free.

reasonable benefits when compared to other websites

Many opportunities for earning Excellent payment system drawback

When you first use it, it can be a little confusing.

Sometimes you have to be patient to locate the surveys you are eligible for.

Sometimes, support is sluggish.

Rewards1 is unquestionably a reliable online side gig. If you compare it to other comparable sites, it has a reasonable probability of producing money, but it won’t make you wealthy.

Finding your way around and understanding the many options can be a little challenging at first, but hopefully my review and guide will be of use to you.

It offers many different ways to earn money, and if you take the time to learn about it, you’ll find some excellent payout options, including customisation options I’ve never seen before.

If you decide to join Rewards1, it pays to be consistent because staying active and reaching higher membership levels notably benefits you.

How can I sign up with Rewards1?

Accepting Rewards1 is simple. All you have to do is visit the page for registration. To proceed, simply enter your email address and password.

You can begin earning money right away after you gain access to the platform and validate your email address.


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