Ist Mobrog echt or ein Scam?

In many countries, Mobrog is available in local languages and is incredibly simple to use. PayPal has a low payment barrier, therefore you can get paid with it. However, it can take some time to locate a survey for which you are eligible.

Paid online surveys are a fantastic way to get your ideas heard and earn extra cash.
One website claiming to provide this possibility is
However, because there are a lot of paid survey sites available, it’s critical to choose ones that maximize your time rather than squandering it, as not all of them are legitimate and some are downright frauds.

Therefore, is Mobrog a reliable source of income or is it a fraudulent survey website that you should avoid using?
In this Mobrog review, I’ll address your concerns and provide you with all the details you require to choose whether Mobrog is the survey site of your choice. I personally tested this website extensively and compared it to hundreds of other survey sites. Would you like to register or not?

What is a MoBrog? What kinds of services is this website offering?

Founded in 2008, Mobrog is a research group of Splendid Research GMBH, a German corporation. Numerous nations have access to it (more on that later).
I’ll tell you up front that Mobrog is a reliable, safe, and legitimate product with a reputable corporation behind it. Later on, I’ll show you payment proof to confirm that Mobrog does indeed pay out.

It’s not always worth your time, though, despite that. To help you decide if it’s the best fit for you, let’s examine its features in more detail.
All things considered, Mobrog is a fairly straightforward survey website with few frills or unnecessary distractions. It’s simply because there aren’t many methods to make money, which also makes it simple to use and navigate. I don’t necessarily mean anything negative by this.

First Choice: Paid Survey

To begin with, the only thing you can do to earn money on Mobrog is take surveys. All you have to do to begin earning money from surveys is to register.
You will receive an email every time a survey becomes available after registering. You can also enable web push notifications on your web browser to get invitations in this manner.
Please be aware that you might not answer every survey that you are invited to. Frequently, the survey will close or you won’t be qualified.

My own experience has shown me that searching Mobrog for qualifying surveys can occasionally require patience.
In certain cases, this is because you are ineligible; this is a common occurrence on survey sites generally speaking. The poll you asked respondents to may occasionally be full.
This can occur, so it’s important to try to complete the survey as soon as you see the survey invitation to maximize your chances of qualifying.
It’s important to note that the frequency of Mobrog surveys you can take part in varies by country and is determined by the demographics you initially provided when you joined.

Even if there are undoubtedly a lot of surveys available that you’re not eligible for, it’s still worthwhile to join Mobrog because I’ve qualified for a number of them and they’re simple to complete and user-friendly.
However, I must also admit that getting accepted for a Mobrog survey could take a little longer than it does for surveys on a lot of other websites.
One benefit, though, is that you typically still have a chance to win a prize even if you are not eligible to participate in a survey. This is something that, in my opinion, not many survey sites provide, and it’s a fantastic extra bonus chance.

The way it operates is that you will be entered into the monthly Mobrog drawing each time a survey appears that you are not eligible for.
To take part, all you need to do is log in and activate your ticket. Two winners are chosen at random at the end of each month, and each will get a €100 voucher.
Therefore, if you’re fortunate, being ineligible for a Mobrog survey could prove to be rather beneficial.

Option2:Call your pals:

By referring friends to Mobrog, you can earn extra money in addition to completing paid surveys.
You may share a link or send an email to invite people.
Depending on the nation in which you reside, you may receive about $1 if the individual to whom you sent an invitation signs up for Mobrog. Consequently, you need to know a lot of individuals who could be interested in profiting from it, but having a few more would be great.

Please be aware that you won’t get the incentive until the person you invited has finished three surveys. This is to make sure that members are actually using the service, because Mobrog would not pay someone to refer their newly joined friends to use the service but never complete a survey.

Therefore, instead of spamming your whole address book, if you choose to utilize this option, I advise you to just join people you believe are actually interested in earning paid for their comments.

Option 3: Competition:

There are also occasionally free contests that you can enter.
This is content that Mobrog has announced on its social media channels, not content that you are seeing on the website itself.

Such competitions, as far as I can tell, happen roughly once a month.
Entries typically yield prizes ranging from €5 to €25, and participation just requires a minute, which includes liking the post and responding to a brief question. Your Mobrog account will be rewarded with the prize if you win.

How are you compensated?

You will get paid in cash into your Mobrog account each time you finish a survey. Later on, you can withdraw them to your Skrill or PayPal account. You can also give your money to charity in several nations.
This is a really great feature of Mobrog and my preferred payment option because, in my experience, I particularly enjoy survey sites that allow PayPal payments.
After earning 5€/6,25$ or the equivalent in local currency, you can also request payment.

It’s wonderful that this site has a relatively low payment threshold as compared to several other websites. As a result, taking out your money doesn’t need any study on your part. Mobrog is incredibly user-friendly because it offers accounts in your local currency in all of the countries where it is offered.
Please be aware that the email address you provided during registration will be used to receive payment. Therefore, you need to contact Mobrog support to resolve the issue if this email address differs from the one you used to register with Skrill or PayPal.
If you use PayPal, you can utilize that method to resolve it by adding an additional email address to your PayPal account.

Depending on your preferred payment method, it is best to register from scratch using the email address you usually use for PayPal and Skrill.

What is your potential income?

According to Mobrog’s website, surveys normally take 5 to 10 minutes, and you can earn up to $5 per one, depending on your country of residence.
An average of ten minutes seems about right for each survey, based on my experience. Some might be shorter, while some might be longer.
The cost of the survey will also be visible to you when you receive it. It’s also fantastic since the majority of the prizes I receive are between $1 and $2.

However, this varies depending on the nation in which you reside. While most surveys in certain nations are less expensive, in others you can frequently receive a large number of higher-paying surveys.
Please be aware that you might not frequently receive the $5 survey and that it might take longer than ten minutes to complete if you do.
As with other survey websites, you should be aware that this is not a full-time source of money. You must approach it with the appropriate expectations if you want to make some wonderful extra cash and have your voice heard at the same time.

Is Mobrog compatible with your phone?

When it’s convenient for you, taking surveys while on the go is a terrific way to earn a little additional money. I therefore favor survey websites that are user-friendly on mobile devices.
Because Mobrog has its own app that you can download and use to take surveys, it is really simple to utilize on mobile devices.

You won’t need to spend any time learning how to use the app because it is quite straightforward and quick to use. Basically, all you have to do is click on the survey when it opens.
It is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Who is eligible to participate? 

Mobrog is accessible almost anywhere in the world.

It is available in local languages and now accepts members from more than 70 countries, which is fantastic.

Signing up just requires that you be 18 years of age or older, but the only way you can get paid is if you have a PayPal or Skrill account.

Please be aware that surveys cannot be completed while you are outside of the nation where you initially enrolled.
The first thing the platform does when you log in is see if you are in the same nation as when you enrolled. If this isn’t the case, you won’t be allowed to take part and might even get banned. Thus, avoid using Mobrog when you’re on the road.

Are you able to receive assistance?

As a Mobrog member, getting support is simple if you need it.
The website has a help section where you can seek assistance in a variety of languages.
There is excellent and active support. For instance, you can observe that they attempt to resolve any issues raised by customers by responding to all of their comments on the Mobrog Trustpilot website. This is undoubtedly encouraging.
Since I experienced certain problems, I also used help for myself. After several days, I finally received a helpful response. Additionally, you can message Facebook support.

ultimate decision

Without a doubt, Mobrog is a reliable website for surveys. That does not imply, however, that it is the ideal website for you.

In order to help you make a more informed decision before choosing to join, let’s wrap up our evaluation by listing the benefits and drawbacks of Mobrog.

a reliable payment option
low threshold for payments
Simple to employ
possesses intuitive apps

There aren’t as many daily surveys as on some other sites, and you can’t take part in every survey you are requested to.

Let’s be clear up front: Mobrog is not a scam. Joining is free and offers the possibility to earn extra money.
This seems like a useful website to include as a bonus. It won’t offer you many chances each day, therefore in order to have enough opportunities to earn money, I also advise you to sign up for some of the best paid survey sites outside Mobrog.

However, Mobrog is a terrific site since it’s incredibly user-friendly. If you accept that you may not be eligible for every survey and that it may take some time to find the ones you are, then Mobrog is a great extra survey site that you should definitely join.

How do I sign up for Mobrog?

Getting on Mobrog is simple.
To access Mobrog’s website, simply click on the homepage, choose your country, and enter your email address and name. Joining just takes a few minutes.



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