OpinionPioneer Review: Is this the best way to earn free money?

In comparison to many other paid survey sites, OpinionPioneer is a rather user-friendly platform with a number of excellent features already available. This is undoubtedly an excellent choice if you’re looking to earn a little more money.

By completing paid surveys, you can start making some extra money for free on OpinionPioneer, a more recent survey website.


However, is OpinionPioneer actually lawful? Is it genuinely a viable internet side gig? Is this a pointless endeavor?

I signed up, gave it a full examination, and contrasted it with hundreds of other paid survey websites.

You’ll receive a thorough overview of all that OpinionPioneer has to offer in this review, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether or not this is the best opportunity for you.

What does OpinionPioneer provide and what is it?

With the relatively new survey website OpinionPioneer, you may earn money by sharing your thoughts.

However, there are a lot of websites that provide this service, so you have to be picky to select what suits you best. You’ll get the inside scoop on everything OpinionPioneer has to offer because I’ve used it extensively myself.

It is unquestionably a reliable paid survey site, and I am impressed with it thus far because it provides a feature that I haven’t seen on many other survey sites.

That doesn’t always mean, though, that it’s the best option for everyone, so before we fully examine the money-making potential, let’s take a closer look at the money-making opportunities it presents.

Complete a paid survey.

Participating in paid surveys and sharing your thoughts is OpinionPioneer’s primary source of income.

You may quickly receive an overview of the available surveys after logging in.

One feature of the OpinionPioneer survey overviews that I truly enjoy is the POC (Probability of Completion) section, which provides an estimate of your likelihood of being eligible for a particular survey.

This is a really user-friendly option that I haven’t seen on other survey websites, in my opinion.

Please be aware that you may not automatically qualify even if the survey suggests that you have a 30% or less chance of doing so. Trying this is still worthwhile, in my opinion.

After completing a survey, you may really rate it and offer comments regarding that particular survey.

I haven’t seen many other survey sites with these kind of wonderful supplementary features.

Please be aware that not all surveys are open to you. This usually only forms a small portion of a paid survey.

However, the best thing you can do to increase your chances of qualifying is to make sure that as soon as you register, you complete the little profile survey at the top of the screen.

It’s a wonderful start because you’ll also get paid $0.30 for completing two-minute profile surveys.

One more special aspect of OpinionPioneer is that, on occasion, you can receive prizes even if you are not eligible for a survey. This can help to alleviate the frustration of not being eligible for a survey.

Occasionally, you will receive a modest prize if you begin a survey but are ultimately deemed ineligible. Even though it’s less than what you would receive for finishing a survey, it’s still a welcome consolation prize and more than what I’ve seen other websites offer when a user isn’t eligible.

Still, not every survey provides incentives for screening.

Please be aware that you might not always be notified via email when a new survey is released. It’s really uncommon, in my experience, for you to really get an email notification.

To maximize your profits, it is therefore a good idea to develop the habit of visiting your website at least once a day to see if there are any new surveys.

Call your pals.

OpinionPioneer gives you another chance to generate money.

You can increase your income by recruiting friends to participate. You receive a fifteen percent commission each time a person you invite makes money.

Your buddies do not lose out on these earnings. As a token of appreciation for inviting others, OpinionPioneer will pay your friends the same proportion.

Compared to the majority of other websites that primarily use surveys as a means of revenue generation, this one really has a rather lucrative referral scheme. You’ll receive 15% here instead of the typical 10%, so it’s a terrific chance to earn some additional cash.

How are you compensated?

Every time you make money, you get points. Since one point is worth $0.01 and 100 points are for $1, the conversion rate makes it simple and quick to see how much money your survey is bringing in.

After accumulating $10 (1,000 points), you are eligible to request payment. PayPal is the only payment option available as of the time this review was written.

But PayPal is undoubtedly a terrific way to pay because it’s one of the easiest ways to send money online these days.

Additionally, I’ve been informed that OpinionPioneer will soon be offering additional payment choices, so this is still an option if you would rather not use PayPal for your payments.

I’ve personally made payments through it, so I’m certain it will work.

What is your potential income?

Compared to many other survey sites, OpinionPioneer pays a good amount for the surveys you complete, and it also offers a generous referral program.

Thus, this is really a fantastic opportunity to earn some additional cash and have your opinions heard.

But like with any survey sites, all you need to know is that this isn’t a full-time online revenue stream. Paid surveys are generally not the best option for you if that’s what you’re searching for.

Still, it’s a great alternative if you’re looking for a simple and cost-free approach to earn part-time.

Who Is Eligible to Join Opinion Vanguard?

In theory, anybody from practically any nation can sign up for OpinionPioneer.

However, since there aren’t any surveys available in some nations, it isn’t worthwhile. By inviting individuals from other nations where there are more surveys, it can still generate revenue.

However, the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, most European nations, some Asian nations, UAE, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and some surveys are also available in South Africa Buy are the places where you can find the greatest prospects if you want to earn money from paid surveys.

Though surveys from additional nations are occasionally available, the majority are from the ones mentioned above.

Are you able to receive assistance?

Support from OpinionPioneer is generally good; they offer a page with answers to the most common concerns in their FAQ, but if you have any other queries or problems, you may get in touch with them via the website’s contact form or the support system after logging in.

My experience has shown that assistance responds quickly, which is unquestionably a major positive.


ultimate decision

In general, OpinionPioneer is unquestionably a reliable website for paid surveys. Since it’s still relatively new, we don’t fully know what it can do. But it is pretty promising thus far.

So that you can have a thorough understanding before determining if it’s the ideal fit for you, let’s wrap up our review by listing its advantages and disadvantages.

advantage: Offers a thorough summary of all surveys that are available.

PayPal is a payment method that is available.

When you are ineligible, you receive prizes.

generous scheme for referrals

drawback: It occasionally could take some perseverance to locate the surveys you are eligible for.

There is just one payment option available at this time.

As you can see, OpinionPioneer appears to be a decent paid survey platform in my opinion. Although the site is still relatively new, it already has certain features that many older survey sites do not, including the ability to check your chances of qualifying, receive prizes even if you do not qualify, quick help, and more.

Personally, I’m interested to watch how it continues to evolve.

How Can I Become a Pioneer in Opinion?

It takes just one minute to become an OpinionPioneer. Simply register by going to the website.

Recall to click the verification link in the email you will receive upon registering. After that, you can start earning money right away.



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