Reward XP Review – Scam or Legit?

You can obtain bonus XP in a number of methods. It pays out fast, provides good payment ways, and gives you a good return on your time investment. All things considered, this is a fantastic free GPT website for earning extra cash.

Reward XP is a paid (GPT) website that makes the promise that you can get money by doing various online microtasks.


However, is Reward XP a genuine program that offers no cost means of earning extra cash, or is it a fraud that should be avoided?

Since its first introduction a few years back, I have been a member, and let me say right away that it is legitimate.

However, that’s not the only thing to take into account when determining if membership is worthwhile.

What does Bonus XP provide and what is it?

Reward XP is a GPT website that pays you to fulfill its offers, as was previously indicated.

Since its inception a few years ago, it has undergone significant evolution, and I have been using it ever since.

It used to be primarily concerned with giving you opportunities to earn money from games, but things have changed significantly and there are now a variety of ways you can earn money.

We need to look more closely at your site’s monetization strategy in order to fully comprehend how this GPT site functions.

Option 1: Engage in a game

As previously said, there is still a way to earn bonus XP—playing the game is one way to do so.

You may view all of the games that are available to play and earn prizes by logging into their membership dashboard after finishing the registration process.

You can play all the games on offer to receive rewards from the device of your choosing when you click on a certain section.

This earning opportunity is accessible via the Explore part of the menu on the left.

You must install the game on the specified platform before you can play and earn awards. Recall that in order to get awards, you have to fulfill specific prerequisites.

Offers usually have a threshold that you must meet in order to get the benefit. This guarantees that games are installed and played and helps stop anyone from abusing the system.

Your Rewards XP account will show the award you receive after fulfilling the requirements.

Alternative 2: Paid Survey

Obtaining bonus XP awards can also be achieved via completing paid surveys.

By signing into their dashboard and selecting the “Earn” tab located on the left side of the dashboard, you will have access to available surveys that you may complete. After that, select the Surveys tab to view all of the available surveys.

You will be taken to an alternate website when you click on one of the various survey offers. The survey will next ask you to respond to a few qualifying questions before you can continue.

This is to make sure that you are in fact part of the survey’s target audience. If you’re eligible, you’ll move on to the survey itself. You will receive the guaranteed benefits in your benefits XP account after completing the survey.

If, on the other hand, you are not eligible, you will be informed right away and have the option to proceed straight to the next, more efficient offer, in my opinion.

Third Option: Paid Offer

It is obviously not a GPT site if it offers no paid services.

Similar to paid surveys, you can access paid offers. Simply select the Offers option over the Surveys tab.

Once more, Reward XP serves solely as a gateway to these premium deals. They are not making a proposal of their own. Thus, be prepared to be taken to a different website when you click on an offer.

You will be sent to the relevant website to apply for the offer after clicking on the offer link. The distinction is that completing the offer doesn’t require you to register for the website.

Simply click the offer you wish to accept and adhere to the prompts. Recall that in order to get your rewards, you must adhere to the directions precisely.

Option 4: View the film

Additionally, just by watching videos on, you can earn rewards.

To get money, you usually have to watch advertisements prior to, during, and following the video.

To get prizes, you must register independently for both video platforms and then link them to your extra XP. Thus, make sure to register for an account on the video platform of your choice before you begin watching videos.

Theoretically, there are countless videos available for you to view here. You can only get money by watching videos that also contain advertisements, and the quantity of adverts that are available varies depending on the nation in which you reside.

Option 5: Take Part

Engaging in conversation with other users on the Discord channel might also earn you incentives or prizes.

You can participate in a discourse about a giveaway or a contest. You can join any of them to access their Discord channel.

To accept the invitation, simply provide your preferred login. You can’t leave a Discord channel without claiming your account before you may leave a comment.

Discord is undoubtedly already familiar to you if you’re a gamer. If not, Discord is essentially a web browser application that you may access or install on your mobile device.

Program for Referrals, Option 6

You can also participate in a referral program offered by Reward XP.

Depending on your membership level, you will get a percentage for each person you invite to the platform.

Nevertheless, this has no impact on their pay or decreases the amount they get. To show our appreciation for inviting others, you will receive bonus XP in the amount of this.

Furthermore, you will receive a joining bonus of 5,000 points for your referrals who sign up using your invitation link. This implies that you can obtain this incentive even if you are not currently a member by signing up through an invitation link, which is provided below.

How are you compensated?

It’s time to discover how to get paid now that you understand how to acquire Bonus XP awards.

XP Points are the points system that their platform employs. You will receive XP points for each offer that you finish. After that, you can exchange your earned XP points for prizes.

Alternatively, you can trade in your profits for prepaid Visa, PayPal, or Bitcoin. It’s also an option to get Amazon gift cards.

Once you have enough XP points to exchange for the gifts you choose, you can redeem them; nevertheless, it’s typically quite low compared to many other sites, which is fantastic.

What is your potential income?

The number of offers you complete and the prize amount from each offer will ultimately determine the answer to this question.

There are several ways to earn bonus XP, and I like the improvements made since my initial evaluation and test.

On the other hand, compared to many other websites, there are fewer offers in the premium offers section. However, if it keeps growing the way it is now, there will probably be more offerings accessible in the future.

Overall, this GPT website has a good potential for profit because the incentives are substantial, the discounts are ongoing, and the membership level will be raised.

Additionally, you can earn money and get paid soon because there isn’t much of a threshold to start withdrawing your earnings.

Who may sign up to receive XP?

The platform Reward XP is accessible in practically every nation. You can sign up regardless of where you reside.

But the quantity of opportunities and offers will differ from nation to nation.

You can use a Google or Facebook account to register on their platform. Furthermore, the registration process is incredibly easy—possibly the easiest I’ve ever seen.

To register, all you have to do is choose the account you wish to use. Following that, their membership dashboard will be accessible to you and you will automatically become a member.


ultimate decision

A reputable GPT website that pays you once you fulfill its promises is called Reward XP. It does, however, take some effort.

Here’s a synopsis of its benefits and drawbacks to assist you choose if it’s truly the correct choice for you.


low threshold for payments

The registration procedure is quite easy.

Strong support and good earning potential are its shortcomings.

makes locating the help section simpler

Reward XP has a solid earning potential overall.

This GPT site has developed significantly over the last several years, and I enjoy that you can make money from it quickly. The crew behind it also seems to be constantly improving the site.

How can I get more experience points?

It’s simple to sign up for Rewards XP. After choosing your nation, the registration page will open. It takes a minute or so.

Don’t forget to register using the invite bonus link below to get a joining bonus worth 5,000 points.


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