Is Valuable Opinions a Scam or Legit? (In-depth Analysis + Tutorial)

Valued Opinions is simple to use and offers respectable compensation for the amount of effort invested. By voicing your thoughts, you may be able to earn gift cards quite effectively. However, you ought to pursue other avenues if you’re looking to make money.

As a member of Valued Opinions, you can allegedly make money by voicing your opinions.

So should you avoid Valued Opinions as a phony scam or is it a legitimate way to get money?

You should be aware of this before signing up for any survey site because, regrettably, there are a lot of bad ones out there.

You can make some extra money and have your voice heard by signing up for the correct survey sites, but if you sign up for the wrong ones, you could wind up wasting a lot of time.

You can quickly determine whether this site works and whether it will be worth it for you by reading this Valued Opinions review, which will provide you with all the information you need to know.

What does the website offer, and what is Valued Opinions?

Dynata Global, a 1999-founded company formerly known as Research Now, is the owner of Valued Opinions.

This well-known market research firm, which has been operating for a while, owns and manages a number of survey panels across the globe.

It belongs to a number of organizations that promote market research, including The Marketing Research Association (MRA).

As a result, I can confirm right away that Valued Opinions is genuine and that membership can truly result in earnings.

But just because it’s legitimate doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for you. So let’s examine its features in more detail so you can decide whether or not to join.

Option 1: Purchased surveys from Valued Opinions:

Valued Opinions is a very user-friendly website that is easy to navigate. It essentially just asks you to participate in paid surveys.

To begin doing surveys and earning money, all you need to do is sign up and validate your email address.

After joining, it’s a good idea to complete your member profile to increase your chances of receiving surveys. Once you’ve logged onto the platform, you do this.

These are inquiries concerning your sex, hobbies, tastes, and other details.

Filling it out doesn’t take too long. Although answering these profile questions won’t give you any rewards, doing so will help you get matched with more surveys because they will be able to determine what kinds of surveys will be most relevant to you.

However, you may also begin taking surveys without creating a profile, though you may receive fewer offers that way.

Valued Opinions generally has a sizable selection of paid surveys. You may even be offered daily surveys in certain nations. Also, compared to other survey sites, their income is respectable considering the amount of time invested.

You don’t need to do much after joining. When a survey becomes available for you, you’ll receive an email invitation, but you may also check in to view a list of the surveys that are currently accessible.

It is also a good idea to frequently check the platform itself, as surveys that have not been sent out via email may occasionally be found here.

It’s simple to choose which surveys to complete because you can see the topic, projected time of completion, and compensation straight immediately. You are under no obligation to complete a survey just because it is accessible. The number of surveys you choose to complete is entirely up to you.

It is incredibly simple to use, as was already mentioned, and finding possible surveys to complete will only take a few minutes after you learn how to explore the website.

You may find available surveys on the dashboard, request to receive your prizes on the rewards tab, learn more about badges later in this review, and view an overview of Valued Opinions and its usage on the explore tab.

incredibly easy to understand and uncomplicated.

Option 2: Focus groups and diary studies

Without a question, the primary method of earning on Valued Opinions is through surveys.

However, occasionally, you may also be asked to take part in focus groups or diary studies.

In diary studies, you may be required to provide some information regarding the study’s topic each day for a certain amount of time.

Focus group interviews are conversations held in groups around a specific subject.

It goes without saying that these studies need a little more work than completing a survey. But it also means that their payment will increase.

I’ve taken part in a number of focus groups myself, and they typically pay really well. It may be enjoyable to voice your opinions and receive some lovely extra benefits.

Therefore, it is definitely worthwhile to investigate if you are presented with one of these two possibilities.

Naturally, before you say yes, you will always be informed of the subject, the duration, and the incentive. Thus, you can always determine if it will be worthwhile for you on an as-needed basis.

Option 3: Badges and Membership Levels

In terms of income prospects, Valued Opinions provides what I have mentioned above.

It does offer membership tiers, though. We refer to these stages as badges. There are five levels: Bronze, which is for novices, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, which is the highest.

Every level has prerequisites, and if you reach a particular number of earnings, you’ll be able to upgrade to a higher membership. For instance, you must make a total of $10 in order to advance from Bronze to Silver membership (this can vary from country to country). You must make approximately $75 in total in order to qualify for the highest membership level.

Since I initially tried Valued Opinions, the badge system has undergone significant modification. You used to primarily do things for self-motivation and receive no benefits.

This has been modified such that, based on your membership level, you will now receive a bonus percentage of your weekly profits. Once you meet the requirements to receive the Diamond membership badge, you will be eligible for the maximum bonus of 10%.

I think it’s fantastic that they adjusted it so that being a devoted member now entitles you to a cash incentive.

How are you compensated?

Apart from the features it provides, one crucial aspect of every survey website is the method of payment.

Every time you participate in and finish a survey on Valued Opinions, you will receive money into your account in your local currency.

After that, you can take this money out as gift cards.

Depending on the nation you reside in, different gift cards may be available to you as prizes. Every country will have a distinct choices. Amazon, Debenhams, TakeALot, Zalora, KFC, Flipkart, and charitable donations to UNICEF are a few retailers that offer gift cards.

Thus, there will be some extremely nice incentives in most countries.

However, Valued Opinions does not currently use PayPal for payouts. Thus, you want to look at the list of top PayPal survey sites if you would rather be paid in cash.

The minimum income required for a payout may differ depending on the country. However, the payout threshold typically ranges from $10 to $20.

Thus, when compared to certain other websites, the payoff threshold is not overly large.

What is your potential income?

Prior to signing up for any paid survey site, keep in mind that this is not a means of earning a living or becoming wealthy.

If you approach it with the correct attitude, earning some additional cash or prizes online is a terrific, simple, and risk-free option.

It can be worthwhile to join Valued Opinions because it offers a good number of options, and the surveys are frequently engaging to complete, in my opinion.

It may require some patience to locate the surveys you qualify for, so you should be aware that you will probably not be eligible for every survey that is provided.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that this is the situation on the majority of survey websites so you won’t quit up after failing to qualify for some surveys.

It might be a good idea to sign up for more survey sites in order to receive more opportunities if you want to maximize your earnings.

You might uncover some fantastic sites to join in addition to Valued Opinions by, for instance, looking through the list of the top survey websites in your nation.

Use it on a mobile device?

Of course, having an app would have made it much easier to access Valued Opinions on a mobile device and allow users to complete surveys while on the go.

However, it is still functional on mobile devices. The majority of survey invites will come to you via email, so all you need to do to click the links is have access to your inbox.

The website functions nicely on most screens and is mobile-friendly as well.

It is possible that some of the surveys are not fully suited for mobile devices, requiring you to scroll in and out a little. However, Valued Opinions offers a satisfactory mobile experience overall.

To join Valued Opinions, who must?

Valued Opinions is accessible in over 20 different nations. US, UK, Australia, Ireland, Singapore, India, Thailand, South Africa, Indonesia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Malaysia are a few of these nations.

To discover the precise list of nations where the platform is actively seeking new users, click the “Join” option located at the conclusion of this study.

It may be helpful to know that Opinion World and the survey panel Opinion Outpost are owned by the same company, even if you do not reside in a nation where Valued Opinions is accessible.

Therefore, you could visit these websites in its instead.

Are you able to receive assistance?

You usually don’t require assistance on a survey site. However, there are times when you might have questions or require assistance.

It is crucial to understand that there is a support system that you can contact as a result.

By using the website’s help system, you can get in touch with Valued Opinions’ assistance.

Online, I’ve read some concerns about how long it takes to get a response. Nonetheless, I have communicated with Valued Opinions multiple times and have generally been greeted with a prompt response.

They have made some changes since I tested it, though, and there isn’t a FAQ area on the website. In its place, a pop-up help window allows you to ask inquiries.

The issue, in my experience, is that, despite the fact that this is a frequently asked subject, it is quite difficult to get any solutions here. Frequently, it simply indicates that there are none.

It would be much better, in my opinion, if they made sure to provide quick access to a FAQ area as well. If you have any questions, you can at least see how to get in touch with them simply.

According to my experience, the assistance may use some improvement, but it’s fantastic that getting in touch with them isn’t too difficult.

Final judgment

As was previously said, Valued Opinions is real and not a fraud.

But I also understand that not everyone should use a legitimate website. In order to provide you with a clearer picture and help you decide if Valued Opinions is right for you, I have included a list of the benefits and drawbacks below.


reputable business is in charge of it

a participant in numerous market research regulatory bodies

On the website, you may truly make money.


Not all of the surveys will accept you.

Cash payments are not accepted.

The support system might use some enhancements.

Valued Opinions is a genuine and safe method to earn incentives for voicing your opinions, and it does function.

What sort of incentives you prefer to receive from survey sites is the primary factor that determines whether it will be worthwhile for you to participate.

I think gift cards can be just as valuable as cash, so if you live in one of the participating nations and would like to earn some gift cards, Valued Opinions is absolutely something you should think about. You should sign up for other sites if all you want to do is participate in survey sites that provide cash payouts.

How Do I Sign Up for Valued Opinions?

Joining Valued Opinions is a fairly simple process. Simply click the icon below to view the nations where the platform is actively seeking new users.

After selecting your nation, you will need to provide your email address in order to register. Starting only takes about two minutes in total.

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