Is Surveoo legit or a scam?

A reliable website for surveys is Surveoo. It might be an excellent alternative if you’re looking for a way to generate extra money because it has great payment options and offers quite decent rewards.

According to the website Surveoo, you can get paid up to €8 for each survey you complete. Now, that’s a fairly strong claim, based on my years of experience testing these kinds of websites.

It’s rare to find websites that genuinely pay you to complete surveys.


Thus, the inquiry is: Is Surveoo a legitimate and secure means of earning money? Is this something fake? Is it worth it if it’s legal?

How does Surveoo work? What functionalities does it offer?

As the image above indicates, Surveoo is a website that pays you to complete surveys. Considering that you are compensated for completing surveys, this website is real. However, this does not always mean that Surveoo is a worthwhile website to use.

To decide whether to become a member of Surveoo, you must first comprehend how the website operates. To have a good understanding of how much time and work it will take to generate money from it, it is best to look into the money-making opportunities it offers.

First Choice: Paid Survey

Completing surveys is the primary method of earning money on Surveoo. You can see all of the surveys that are available for you to do as soon as you register into the membership dashboard on your website.

You must first go through a qualification process for every survey you see, so don’t expect to get money from every one of them. Before you can participate in the survey, you have to respond to a series of qualifying questions that help the survey provider figure out if you are qualified.

By the way, partner survey providers will be the ones offering surveys on Surveoo. Surveoo doesn’t carry out its own polls. Therefore, when completing a survey, don’t be shocked if you are directed to a different website.

You can respond to the survey’s genuine questions if you meet the requirements, and if you do, you’ll get the promised reward. You just go on to the next question if you are not eligible.

Option 2: Bonus

Gathering bonus awards from Surveoo is an additional method of earning rewards. Just sign into your membership dashboard and select “My Bonuses” from the menu on the left to see the bonus prizes that are available to you.

Since these are not too difficult to finish, you ought to be able to get these incentives. specific milestones must be met in order to gain specific bonuses as a Surveoo member. In the event that you are unable to claim your bonus, simply return to the page in a few days to see whether a new bonus has become available.

Just keep in mind that these benefits don’t appear to be available in every country, so if you don’t see them, your location may not yet have access to them.

Third Choice: Sponsorship

Finally, Surveoo’s sponsorship scheme allows you to receive prizes. Most other survey sites refer to this as a referral scheme.

In case you’re not aware, referral programs are a means of earning money while promoting your website.

All you need to do is share your invitation link with others and ask them to become Surveoo members. They will then instantly become one of your recommenders after they click the link and sign up to become a member of the website.

But you have to be a frequent user of the website in order to get referrals. They must therefore respond to surveys. You will be paid a commission of 10% of the money they make from completed surveys. This is what you get in exchange for people signing up for the site.

Therefore, you need to ensure that the person you invite is genuinely interested in making money from the website if you want to take advantage of this possibility. If not, you won’t be able to profit financially from the chance.

How are you compensated?

You will receive a set amount for each survey you complete, which will be added to the balance on your account. How do you take your earnings out at this point?

Three payment options are available for Surveoo: PayPal, direct bank transfer, or Amazon gift card. However, you must earn at least $20 before you can withdraw your earnings, which is, in my opinion, a quite high threshold.

Nevertheless, each nation may have different requirements and payment choices. So before you make any decisions, please bear this in mind.

However, it is one of the few survey sites that accepts bank transfers as payment and even gives them out as rewards in many nations. Most survey sites don’t have this option, therefore I believe it’s fantastic that they do so in so many nations.

What is your potential income?

How many surveys you can actually finish and how well the site pays out will determine how much money you can make from this kind of survey site. Regretfully, you have no actual influence over the number of surveys that you are eligible for and that will be provided to you for the first portion.

The best course of action is to consistently and honestly respond to all questionnaires. I mention this because Surveoo has a mechanism in place that verifies the accuracy of your responses. You will be sent fewer surveys in the future if you respond inconsistently.

As a result, it is best for you to respond honestly at all times because this is the only way to maintain consistency. Regarding payment, the site usually pays between $0.50 and $1.50 for each survey that is finished.

Who is eligible to use Surveoo?

Although it’s not specifically stated on the website, it appears to be available in a lot of nations. Indeed, I have observed them enlisting individuals in more than 100 nations, including places where it is sometimes challenging to locate quality survey sites to join.

Make sure the drop-down menu for your country appears when you attempt to register. If it is listed, it indicates that you can participate. If not, I would advise against registering.

You only need to complete and submit the registration form in order to become a member. You are now able to log into the website and begin earning money after completing the form. But you must complete the form on your profile first. After completing this, you can begin responding to the survey.


ultimate decision

You may get paid to do surveys on the reliable website Surveoo. It has some good features, but you should be aware of its restrictions as well.

Let me summarize the benefits and drawbacks of this review so you can fully understand what this website has to offer. You can then determine whether it is truly worthwhile.


Payment options include bank transfer and PayPal.

Offer a simple means of obtaining incentives.

This website works well on mobile devices.

Possess an abundance of surveys


Few options to make money

extremely high threshold for payments

I think Surveoo is a useful website. Although it’s nothing special, it might be a respectable source of income because it offers generous bonuses.

But remember that each country has a different criterion for redeeming incentives. Likewise, with regard to its modes of payment.

You simply need to exercise patience because not every survey will be suitable for you. But once more, this is how survey websites operate.

How to sign up for Surveoo?

It just takes a few minutes to finish the registration process, so if you’re interested in joining Surveoo, click on the link.

After completing the registration process, you can begin earning money right away.


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  1. I signed up for this app. It seems pretty good for the most part. Spent a few hours doing what I normally do plus a few surveys, thanks for sharing.

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