Is PointClub trustworthy or a fraud?

PointClub is a reliable online survey platform that offers decent chances for earning money from online surveys. However, in order to maximize the money you get from paid surveys, you should also make use of other websites.

PointClub says it will pay you to complete legitimate online surveys.

But is PointClub a reliable source of paid surveys, and is it truly among the best options available? Is this something fake?

Having been a member for some time and witnessing the numerous changes it has seen, I made the decision to give it a shot and sign up to completely test it out.

You can simply determine if PointClub is the best decision regardless of the circumstances by reading this review, which will offer you an inside look at the site and all the information you need to know about what you can gain from it, how much money you can make as a member, and whether it’s legal. Do you

PointClub: What is it? What kinds of services is this website offering?

Because of the partnership between PointClub and the Focusline website, it has, in a sense, been around longer. Founded in 1996, Focusline was originally its own investigative website. However, it no longer has its own website and is instead a part of PointClub. PointClub is therefore a survey website with a very lengthy history in this sense.

Let me state up front that PointClub is a reliable website for surveys. Still, this does not indicate that you should join the site just because it is legal. I’ll go over its features below so you can decide if it’s the best fit for you.

Although there have been a lot of changes since I joined, you can see a general overview of what it offers below when this review is updated.

PointClub, sometimes known as PointClub Surveys, is an online platform that primarily generates revenue from online surveys, as implied by the name. It does, however, provide other avenues for revenue growth.

So let’s go over everything you can do as a member to help you decide if it’s worth paying for you.

First Choice: PointClub Survey

  Since PointClub was once only an online survey platform, doing surveys is both the primary and most promising way to earn money here.

Overall, the website has an engaging and modern design and is easy to use.

As soon as you sign up for PointClub and log in, you may quickly and simply check which surveys are available. so you won’t have to waste time looking for the survey.

You can browse the main dashboard or locate it through the top menu.

Your location and how closely your demographic matches PointClub’s current survey pool are two of the many variables that determine how many PointClub surveys you will receive. But if you reside in a nation where the service is supplied, you ought to often receive a respectable sum.

Please be aware that PointClub works very hard to ensure that the responses they receive are of the highest caliber. Thus, for instance, if you claim to make a certain amount of money in your profile but state something different in a particular survey, you run the danger of being disqualified from that particular survey due to your inconsistent or dishonest behavior.

Being truthful is, therefore, the greatest approach to guarantee that you are eligible for as many PointClub surveys as possible.


 Option 2: Join Bonus:

PointClub also provides an additional benefit whereby you can receive a substantial joining bonus simply by registering and providing some basic information.

It’s now simpler to receive the joining bonus than it was in the past when you had to complete your profile. The $5 bonus will appear in your account right away when you join up and answer a few questions.

Few survey sites provide such a large welcome bonus as this one. As one of the few websites providing this service, Swagbucks is an excellent option to begin making money on PointClub.

Generally, the process of adding your first $5 to your account takes less than a minute.

Option 3:

Daily free competitions, offers, and more: PointClub has previously provided a number of opportunities to earn money, including winning streak bonuses, paid offers, daily free contests on its Facebook page, and more.

But since the site had a major overhaul a while back, a lot of things have changed and the emphasis has shifted back to paid surveys, meaning that many of the other extra revenue streams are no longer available.

I wanted to make it clear that these methods of earning money are no longer available because I get asked a lot where I can find them. That’s why I wanted to bring them up here.

Option 4: Ask your buddies to come.

By encouraging friends to join, you can also earn more money there. By giving them your referral link, you can accomplish this.

You are given a referral link as soon as you become a member, which you can share with friends to get them to sign up; they will be credited as your recommendation.

Another thing that PointClub has changed is that in the past, you would receive commissions whenever your friends did.

Upon your friend’s first survey completion, you will now receive 1000 points ($1) as a one-time bonus.

Although most individuals won’t be able to make a lot of money with this, if you know someone who could be interested in actively using PointClub, it can be a pleasant opportunity to get some additional money.

How are you compensated?

Points will be added to your account after you finish a survey on PointClub. Since 1,000 points are equal to $1, figuring out how much you will be rewarded for finishing each survey is simple.

Points are exchangeable for a wide range of benefits.

You can get payment using PayPal, Visa pre-paid cards, Walmart, Uber, Target, TGI Friday’s, Sephora, and other gift cards, for instance. When compared to other survey sites, there are far more gift cards available—over 200 overall.

On PointClub, how much money can you make?

The precise amount of money you can make on PointClub is difficult to predict. Numerous factors include your individual demographics, the nation in which you reside, and of course your level of activity and survey-taking volume.

I’m positive that you won’t be able to earn a living just from PointClub or any other survey website, regardless of your location or identity.

However, PointClub offers a ton of surveys and fantastic possibilities so you can earn some additional cash and have your voice heard.

Thus, this is a simple method to earn some additional cash online, but keep in mind that it won’t replace your full-time salary.

To whom is PointClub open?

Theoretically, residents of any location can become members of PointClub. However, if you reside in the US, it’s primarily worthwhile to join.

There used to be more foreign possibilities, but as PointClub states in its FAQ section, the majority of surveys are intended for US residents, however occasionally there are polls from other nations as well.

Therefore, it makes the most sense if you live in the United States, even if you can join from pretty much anywhere in the world. In some nations, clearing the payment threshold requires a great deal of patience.

Is there assistance available for you?

You can get in touch with PointClub using the website’s contact form if you need assistance. Knowing that you can get help if you need it is usually a positive thing.

PointClub’s Facebook page serves as an additional method of communication if you prefer not to use the contact form. They can be reached via direct messaging on their Facebook page, which they use frequently.

If you need to get in touch with support, you should probably use the contact form on their website or send them a direct message rather than making a comment on one of their Facebook pages. Unfortunately, from what I’ve seen, they’re not very good at responding to people who comment on their posts.

I’ve personally communicated with PointClub multiple times, and they consistently provide prompt, useful responses, which is a huge advantage.


ultimate decision

PointClub is a reliable source for surveys.

However, not everyone can find decent possibilities on this website.

Let’s wrap up this evaluation by highlighting the benefits and drawbacks so you can have a better understanding before determining if it’s the correct fit for you.


high welcome bonus of $5

Good research possibilities

Simple to use drawback:

The payment threshold is excessively high.

There aren’t many options for earning money.

PointClub is an excellent way to earn extra money overall. All you have to do is accept that, in comparison to many other survey sites, the compensation threshold is a little high.

However, it is an easy-to-use survey site with a large number of questions, a significant joining bonus, and helpful features. In addition, it provides fantastic additional options, so you’ll have plenty to pick from regardless of your interests.

Ways to sign up for PointClub?

PointClub membership is simple. All you have to do is click the link to access the registration form. Joining merely takes a minute; after providing simple information, your account will be credited with a $5 joining incentive.


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