Are Feature Points a fraud or legitimate?

With FeaturePoints, there are numerous ways to profit. Additionally, it features an app with a very low payment threshold that lets you earn money whenever and wherever you choose. All nations are welcome to participate. But, you should be aware that payments sometimes take a while to process.

According to FeaturePoints, you may utilize it from your computer or phone whenever you have a few minutes to spare to earn some more cash.


But is FeaturePoints a genuine company, a trustworthy means to earn money, or a fraud to avoid?

  To find out exactly what this platform does and does not offer, I enrolled, evaluated it, and compared it to hundreds of other free online money-making opportunities. Before you determine if this is the appropriate product for you, this FeaturePoints review will provide you with a thorough analysis and all the information you need to know.

What does the website offer, and what are FeaturePoints?

  Since its launch in 2012, FeaturePoints has given its users over $6,000,000 in incentives, according to the website itself.

I’ve been a member of this platform for a number of years, and after testing and frequent use, I can state that utilizing FeaturePoints to make additional money is definitely doable. I’ve made multiple payments with FeaturePoints. Whether it’s the appropriate fit for you will depend on a number of things, including how you like to earn money. Let’s go over how you can accrue FeaturePoints first.

Option 1: Complete a paid survey: 

Completing paid surveys is one of the strategies to maximize your FeaturePoint earnings. If you sign up, it offers a ton of surveys and is undoubtedly a way to earn money.

All you have to do to get rewards in your FeaturePoints account is to give your opinions on the survey topic.

Please be aware that not all surveys are available for you to engage in, just as on any other survey website. This is common, so keep trying if you’re not eligible for the survey; everyone experiences this.

Furthermore, the quantity of surveys that are available to you is primarily determined by the nation in which you reside. You will find that there are plenty of different options in certain countries, but surveys are hard to come by in other ones.

However, all in all, FeaturePoints’ paid survey options are excellent and worthwhile for earning extra money.

Option 2: Download the app:

Downloading apps is a simple method to earn extra money. FeaturePoints allows you to see the apps that you can download after logging in.

You may always check how much you will make by using the app before downloading it. But you must also click on the application list to verify the precise conditions.

Option 3: Use the FeaturePoints referral code to receive free points: 

During the registration process, you will be prompted to enter a referral code when you initially sign up for FeaturePoints. You will receive 50 free extra points right away if you have a code similar to this one.

To receive free points, you must obtain these referral codes from other users. Since I have FeaturePoints myself, you are more than welcome to use my code to receive free incentives.

Option 4- Earn cash back on online purchases:

If you occasionally shop online, using FeaturePoints can help you score some excellent discounts.

They collaborate with numerous retailers. For bringing you to the store, these retailers provide FeaturePoints a commission, which they subsequently split with you.

Thus, it’s worthwhile to check out FeaturePoints whenever you shop online because you can get some amazing discounts there. The image above shows some of the major brands they work with.

Nevertheless, not all nations offer this option. When you use the majority of US and Canadian stores, you’ll receive cash back.

However, you must to give this choice serious thought if you reside in the US or Canada. Another website with excellent cash back choices is Swagbucks, which you should also check out if you enjoy cash back alternatives in general.

Option 5: View the film

FeaturePoints has an area where you may earn money by watching videos.

To activate it, simply click the button shown above, and a brief 30-second video ad will play. Also, you are free to watch as many or as few views every day as you like.

However, you should be aware that watching videos won’t earn you much money. Upon viewing them, you will receive tokens instead of money, which you can use to participate in tournaments.

Hence, you cannot directly make money by viewing films; instead, you can only do so if you are drawn to competitions that interest you. Videos aren’t the most profitable FeaturePoint earning option when compared to other possibilities.

Option 6: Ask your buddies to come.

You can get extra points by asking friends to join FeaturePoints if you enjoy what it has to offer.

You can share the URL you receive as soon as you join with your friends. You will receive a commission if people sign up using your link and make money on your website.

But, I advise you to fully explore the site on your own first, only suggest it to friends you believe might be interesting, and share it with no fewer than three pals.

I occasionally witness people sharing invitation links like this without thinking twice and begin bombarding people with them.

This is never an effective strategy. Therefore, if you choose to use this option, use it carefully so that your friends won’t get annoyed with you and will instead be happy about the chance you get to share it with them.

Option 7: Free FeaturePoints Competition

You can enter a free contest offered by FeaturePoints. They frequently announce new contests.

By continuing to be active on the site, you can take part. You will also receive a token to utilize in the competition for every 20 points you receive on FeaturePoints.

After that, you can use these tokens to take part in the competitions you wish to. Additionally, you will receive 1 token for each video you see on the app.

There are a lot of competitors, so your chances of winning are slim. That being said, it’s free, and with any luck, you could earn some really good extra money.

Thus, as a frequent user of FeaturePoints, I can attest that this is an excellent option they’ve provided and an opportunity to get additional money for nothing.

Choice 8: Purchased Offer

The majority of GPT websites, including FeaturePoints, have some offer walls. Although there aren’t as many paid offer walls accessible, there are still plenty of offers to be found here.

Offer walls can make money through encouraging users to do more surveys, sign up for free trials, subscribe to newsletters, enter contests, and more.

Though, in my view, it’s not the best way to earn here, the incentives for these products on FeaturePoints are rather good when compared to many other sites. There are alternative, quicker and simpler ways to earn money.

However, these offers are undoubtedly worthwhile; just be sure to read all the terms before taking any action. This might be a terrific method to boost your income if you follow through on it and discover a solid bargain.


How are you compensated?

As you can see, obtaining feature points is possible in a number of exciting ways. Of course, receiving incentives plays a crucial role as well.

I think FeaturePoints offers some excellent payment options.

You can be paid in three different ways. Payment options include gift cards, PayPal cash, and Bitcoin. Consequently, a payment option exists to accommodate any desire.

Your country of residency will determine which gift cards you are eligible for.

What is your potential income?

There are several respectable ways to make money with FeaturePoints. I think it’s worth investigating if you can live with it, even though it’s not the Get-Paid-To (GPT) site with the most opportunities. It is, however, plentiful and reasonably user-friendly. referring to the spending limitations that I previously described

All things considered, using FeaturePoints to earn some great extra cash is viable; it’s safe and I’ve personally gotten payouts from them several times, so I know it works.

Just like with all GPT and survey sites, you just need to enter with realistic expectations and understand that it won’t provide you with a full-time salary or make you wealthy.

With the correct mindset, this may be a quick and easy way to earn extra money whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

Although I have to confess that I have made some good extra money with FeaturePoints, I have also started using it less because I have encountered cases where I have not received an appropriate explanation from their help and have had to wait months to get paid.

To join FeaturePoints, who must?

FeaturePoints are fantastic because you can participate more or less no matter where you live.

However, depending on the nation in which you reside, there are different options to make money. For instance, chances to get cash back are mostly found in the US and Canada.

The nation in which you reside will also affect how many surveys you receive.

Overall though, it provides reasonable earning prospects in a lot of countries and excellent ones in some (particularly in English-speaking countries).

Are you able to receive assistance?

FeaturePoints offers multiple channels for communication in case you require assistance. Not only can you report missing cashbacks but you can also write messages on any topic.

Although it’s ideal that you won’t need to, knowing that you have options is always helpful in case you do.

But I must admit, after contacting them several times, the speed at which you receive a response varies a lot.

I occasionally got a response very away, but other times it took a while. So kindly be advised that you may occasionally need to exercise patience if you need their support.

Final Opinion: Is It Real or a Scam?

There is no scam with FeaturePoints. This offers legitimate payment options and is a legitimate means of earning money.

That does not imply, however, that it is the best platform for you. Let’s wrap up this evaluation by highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of this platform so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to join.


Joining is free.

low threshold for payments

Excellent mode of payment

accessible in all nations and areas

In general, I believe that FeaturePoints is a fantastic website because it is user-friendly, offers excellent payment choices, and offers respectable earning potential throughout numerous nations.

But, since you requested the payment, it used to pay you quite fast; in my experience, this isn’t necessarily the case anymore. You should be aware that not all ways to make money are available in all countries, and that participating won’t make you wealthy.

How do I sign up for FeaturePoints?

FeaturePoints is very simple to join. You arrive at the page for registration. You will also immediately use a referral code when you click the button, giving you 50 bonus points right away.

It takes less than a minute to sign up, and you can get started earning money right away.


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