Is YouGov a fraud or legitimate?

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YouGov is a website that purports to pay you for taking surveys and sharing your thoughts.

Still, is YouGov lawful? Is this truly a survey website that makes it simple to earn extra money online? Or is it a fraud that you should avoid?

I’ve been a member of the YouGov group for a long time, thus I am fully aware with the survey’s website. I put it through a rigorous testing process and contrasted it with hundreds of other survey sites.

I’ll discuss my experience, the benefits and drawbacks of YouGov, and some suggestions that might be useful should you choose to sign up in this YouGov review.

YouGov: What is it? What prospects does it present?

YouGov is a market research organization that also offers a membership panel where you can sign up to receive payment for providing your opinion and responding to surveys.

It was established in 2000 and has a UK base, thus it has a lengthy history. But you may also join from a lot of other locations worldwide, which I’ll cover in a bit.

Let me state up front that YouGov is not a fraudulent website.

It’s free to sign up and use, and over the previous few years, I’ve paid with it multiple times, so you know it’s a reliable, secure website that pays out.

But just because something is legitimate doesn’t imply you should join it as a survey site. But after learning all the information this website has to offer, you will be aware of this.

Now let’s examine the options that YouGov provides and assess their quality.

YouGov sponsored surveys:

YouGov is first and primarily a survey website that essentially solely provides paid surveys as a means of earning revenue. In contrast to many other comparable sites, it does, however, give surveys on a regular basis.

Every time a new survey becomes live, you’ll get an email. Although this may differ from nation to nation, in my experience, five to seven polls are often completed each week on average. But the numbers drop during specific seasons.

YouGov surveys are quick to complete—they typically take between five and fifteen minutes—and offer a decent return on investment in relation to many other survey platforms. Investigations can occasionally be more fruitful but take longer.

Sadly, the email you receive about a YouGov survey that is available does not include the size of the prize or the duration of the poll.

You may still discover it easily, though, so you are aware of it before choosing to participate in the survey. All you have to do is click the email’s link to see how many points you can get and how long it will take. You can close the window if you want not to participate.

They nearly never send you links to surveys that you are ineligible for, which is a significant advantage. You’ll typically receive another survey if they do. This is something that other survey websites should take note of, as it can be annoying to click through multiple surveys only to find out that the findings are unavailable.

This site is quite easy to use compared to some other paid survey sites. Nevertheless, you won’t need to visit the website directly all that much because you’ll get an email each time a new survey is available.

YouGov surveys, in my opinion, typically cover highly relatable and fascinating subjects. They are actually more interesting in my opinion than the surveys on a lot of other survey websites, and you can even view their findings, which I’ll go into more detail about later.

See the survey’s findings:

YouGov gives you the chance to observe how the survey responses are really used. They publish a newsletter about once a month that includes links to articles from throughout the country and world that reference their research.

Examining the results and citation style of a survey you took part in could be intriguing. I have only come across this survey site, which is the only one where you can truly view the outcomes of the surveys you do.

You can also find this information on the website if you would prefer not to receive the newsletter.

The most recent results will be featured in a section on the survey team’s website main page. In my opinion, this is a fantastic feature, and it’s fascinating to watch how my opinions are incorporated into public discourse.

This further demonstrates the true benefits of paid surveys: although people occasionally forget this when taking surveys, you do, in fact, have your voice heard and your responses count.

Paid surveys combine the two benefits of having other people’s opinions and offering good money. I think it’s fantastic that YouGov has clearer answers than a lot of other websites.

Call your pals.

You may also get additional prizes from YouGov in select countries by referring friends to the platform.

If sharing links with friends is an option in your country, you will see one after logging in.

Still, there aren’t any extra benefits for just inviting pals. You will receive a reward if a friend joins using your invitation link and completes a predetermined amount of surveys.

Before I may get the award in the nation where I currently reside, the person must do five surveys. However, this could differ from nation to nation.

This isn’t a great way to get a lot of money because the benefits aren’t that great and you can only refer people from your own country to join using this link, but it can occasionally get you points in your YouGov account.

Why not ask some of your friends to join you if you enjoy what YouGov has to offer?

How can I pay using YouGov?

For each survey you complete on YouGov, you will receive points. There are numerous ways to exchange these points for incentives.

The benefits you receive will vary depending on where you live. There are still many of fantastic incentives even in nations where the main way to use your points is to exchange them for gift cards or merchandise. Generally speaking, though, you have a lot of excellent options.

You can use a prepaid Visa card or PayPal to make cash payments in foreign countries.

YouGov also runs its own lotteries in certain locations where participants can trade points for a chance to win.

Even while there are significant rewards up for grabs in the lottery, your chances of winning are not very high. For my part, I would rather use my points on purchases where I know exactly what I would receive.

You will be taken to the YouGov website after completing the survey, where you can view the points you have accrued thus far and your overall point total.

Although the amount you must make before receiving payment differs each nation, in the majority of them it is not difficult to meet the payment barrier.

All things considered, I think YouGov’s rewards options are excellent; however, the exact alternatives available in your country will determine whether or not they meet your preferences, so you’ll need to visit the local website. Examine these choices.

What is your potential earnings on YouGov?

YouGov offers fairly good survey incentives in relation to the time invested, especially when compared to many other paid survey sites. It’s simple to participate—all you have to do is click the link in the email they provide you.

To get your first 100 points, all you have to do is sign up and spend roughly three minutes completing the welcome survey.

You can view your prizes and the projected time before completing a survey, and you can decide at any time whether you want to do one.

Like any survey site, YouGov won’t make you rich from taking surveys. However, it has fantastic prospects and can generate some additional income.

It won’t have as many daily opportunities as Get-Paid-To websites like PriceRebel or Swagbucks because it solely offers paid surveys. However, YouGov is an extremely user-friendly website, with engaging survey topics and fantastic time value; it’s definitely worth exploring.

Who is eligible to participate?

Most places in the world utilize YouGov. The best thing about YouGov is that its panels are tailored to each nation, so the surveys are typically conducted in the native tongue and with respondents who have some connection to that nation. Related topics.

Depending on where you live, your joining age may change. As a result, you must verify this on the YouGov website in your area if you are interested in joining and under the age of 18.

Are you able to receive assistance?

Obtaining support on any survey site is crucial, even if you think you won’t require it.

You should first look over the FAQ section on YouGov. They have ones available for every nation, and reading them will supply you the answers to a lot of your questions.

You can ask their support staff queries if you still have them. The effectiveness of the assistance and the speed at which it is provided are primarily determined by the nation. Support is incredibly fantastic in certain places and not as fast or good in others, based on my personal attempts and what I’ve heard from others.

However, YouGov provides an excellent means of getting support in case you need it, and you might not even need to get in touch with them. 


ultimate decision

 YouGov is a fantastic paid survey website that is safe and compliant, in my opinion.

However, it depends on what you’re looking for and your country. To help you make a better decision before deciding whether or not to join, let’s summarize the benefits and drawbacks before we conclude this review:

advantage: Very easy to use.

decent compensation for the time invested.

Give people a chance to study the survey results.

Send surveys that you are not eligible for very seldom.

possesses an intuitive app

 Drawback: Less surveys than on some other survey websites.

YouGov is, in my opinion, a survey website that is well worth signing up for. This does, however, rely on the rewards programs available in your nation of residence, as they differ between nations.

YouGov offers a lot of surveys, but if you want to earn money every day, you need sign up for surveys on other websites as well. However, YouGov is an easy-to-use website that pays fairly well for surveys, so I highly suggest signing up to take advantage of this opportunity to earn extra money or prizes.

How do I sign up for YouGov?

Enrolling in YouGov is simple. Just complete the YouGov website’s signup form (it takes one minute).

After joining, all you have to do to get rewarded is complete a brief introduction survey (it takes approximately 3 minutes). As a result, you will get paid right away for suggesting surveys, and you will then receive regular invitations to participate in surveys.


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